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Yehoram Gaon singer, performer, entertainer, actor


and writer is considered one of the major prominent of the Israeli culture and entertainment worlds. As Israel's all time most popular singer, gifted actor, TV and radio host, writer, poet and publicist, Gaon has a long list of performances on stage and screen in both movies and on TV. He has produced and directed plays and movies and written and edited books on Israeli culture and tradition. read more...


Yehoram Gaon was awarded the prestigious Israel Prize for his contribution to Culture and Hebrew Song. While still active in the entertainment business, Gaon served eight years as a member of the Jerusalem Municipal Council until 2002. He held the Portfolio for the Cultural Affairs and Special Educational Needs. Published more then 70 music albums (see Discography )


Yehoram Gaon in "As The Day I Was Born"

Yehoram Gaon as you never heard before..

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Ladino FIlm Festival Los Angeles Nov 2014 Yehoram Gaon

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Kumi Tzee - Mount Herzl Ceremony May 2014


Yehoram Gaon received "Life Achievement Prize" at

the Israeli Film Festival, N.Y.C June 2014


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Not only is he the winner of Israel's highest prize, but he has earned the status of a star of considerable high esteem, Yehoram Gaon is also a national persona for beautiful Israel and the Hebrew Language. It has been 17 years since he recorded a CD of his music, but Yehoram Gaon has now got his new collection of songs finished; music and lyrics by Amir Benayon.

The production of this unique recording has been in the making for the last 2 years; with mutual creativity from both artists, and endless recording hours, of which has resulted in a exceptional master piece of 9 new songs. The merging of Gaon's clear and operatic voice combined with Benayon's sensitive and emotional lyrics has given birth to a exquisite recording fit for the Israel Hall of Fame.

The new songs will be presented at Yehoram Gaon's new touring show that premiered at the new Heichal Hatarbut, in October 2013, and to which has remained a full house performance show.


Yehoram Gaon in his new show The Day I  Was Born


A clip from BECHOL HAKAVOD Yehoram Gaon's show


Yehoram Gaon in Zuk Eithan memorial day

Memorial day for "Zuk Eithan" war

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